Cedar Rapids Community Concert Association

All board members and associates serve without pay, and all income is used to provide great family entertainment.

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated!

To join the fun call Kay or Tony at (319) 540-2301

Sandra Ochs, Secretary

Ellen Pelzer, 1st Vice President

John Schweitzer

Wilma Shadle

Christopher Staab

Kay Staab, Membership Secretary

Tony Staab

Shirlee Strilich

Eric Walker

Bruce Western, President

Jim Wetherbee

MaryAnn Wetherbee

Board of Directors

David Basler

Kay Basler

Nancy Bell

Ivan Chester, Treasurer

Mary Bess Chester

Linda Edwards

Marilyn Freese

John Haack, 2nd Vice President

Joan Jacob, 2nd Vice President

Laura LaCombe

Esther Miceli
Ernest Miller